After a long five years the first volume of Thirteenth Child is complete. I thank each and everyone of you who followed along for this long, I appreciate your support more than you know. Thirteenth Child has dominated my creative efforts for almost a decade now, with the original version first published online at Comic Genesis eight years ago and the initial concept technically having its roots with Kingdom Come, which ran very briefly in 2006. I am very proud of my work from this past decade, however, I would be lying if I said I never felt frustrated.

Ten years is a lot of time. I’ve had many new ideas since I first imagined the adventures of Darius, Lisa, and XIII aka Plague. I’ve learned many new things, encountered new concepts that I’ve felt passionate about, experienced new lessons I’ve wanted to share. Thirteenth Child takes a lot of work, and has to be prompt, leaving me with little wiggle room to stretch my wings and tell a new story suited for my maturing

However, I devised a plan to address this around the time I began work on chapter 4 of Thirteenth Child. The story would hit a natural resting point at the end of chapter 5, where Lisa and Plague would need to step away from the action in order to assess Lisa’s new powers and Darius would need time to adapt the former MIB unit, the Order of the Plague, to developments with MJ-12, Tratus, and the CIA. A lot goes on in chapter 4 and 5 and everyone needs a break to take it all in.

I’m going to use this time to completely change the game plan for my entire creative enterprise. I’m excited to hereby announce Thirteenth Child Studios. My work will no longer be structured around regularly scheduled webcomics but instead a series of objectives I’m calling “Seasons.” Comics will still be created, and some (not all) will be available online, however, they will be structured in shorter 24 page formats instead of Thirteenth Child’s 35 a chapter. Seasons will include more projects than comics, however. Expect to see simple animations, merchandise, books, and possibly even video games. More than anything, however, expect fresh new stories! Lisa will return some day, but expect to see new faces like Tempest, a psychic super heroine, Viewless Winds, a Goddess from another dimension, Hazen, an intelligent space probe reflecting, Odessa, a terminally ill survivor of the apocalypse, Beta a woman stripped of her free will and humanity in a cyberpunk future, the nerdy crew of Sportsball as they run ESPN, and most of all, the triumphant return of Action Hat and his trusty partner, Partner.

I’ll be releasing more information on Thirteenth Child Studios Season One shortly, along with a complete overhaul of both my main website, social media campaigns, and Patreon. In the meantime I would like to thank you once again for reading Thirteenth Child.