Thirteenth Child Studios
Hello Internet!

There are some major changes underway on this website, so please allow me to explain what you can expect.

First, the name change. From this day forward this site will be known as Thirteenth Child Studios, and house not only the comic Thirteenth Child, but several others including dedicated sections for Thirteenth Child, The Adventures of Action Hat, The Adventures of Sexy Ghost Squad, and Sinister Rhapsody. You’ll find these sections in the new and improved navigation bar at the top of this page.

So, you probably gathered by these changes that I’m shifting my focus from one project to a diverse library of projects. Thirteenth Child Studios will operate by announcing “seasons”, which will feature several projects in different mediums. Projects will not follow strict time frames, but since this change is intended to maximize the efficiency of my time you can expect much more content in the long run.

I’ll announce the full details of Season One soon, but you can expect to see familiar faces as well as brand new ones.

Season One
Details Coming Soon!